Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy November! I'm so happy it's here! I love fall and I love the holidays  

We survived a long week of fun Red Ribbon Week coupled with Weird Haur night at Master Clubs! Then we ended the week with a fabulous time at the church Fall Festival. I mean, it was fantastic! The kids had so much fun and came home with boat-loads of candy.
(Sneaking some candy!)

Zade dressed up as a Deer Hunter and Gracie dressed up as a cat. I wanted her to be a deer but she wasn't having it. But, I have next year's costumes already figured out! Now I just have to remember that idea for a whole year! 

Poor Bucky didn't get any candy. Look at that pitiful face! (He's so cute I could eat him up!)


I think I have finally got through with this annoying cold that has given me fits for the lot 3 weeks! I'm ready for a break between semesters. This year I took on 16 hours but that started to become too much to handle along with the rest of my life. Stress started to get the better of me so I dropped one of my classes. That alone took a huge load off my shoulders. 

My mom is starting to feel better. She is not 100% but now we know why. She has been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that has attacked her muscular system. It has caused her difficulty in swallowing, aches and weakness in her muscles and fatigue. She has a really good doctor and he has a good treatment. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but her symptoms can improve. Thank you for praying for her. 

Tomorrow Gracie will participate in her big Special Olympics bowling competition. Wish her luck! 

Until next time! 

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