Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fort Worth Stock Show

We took the kids to the Fort Worth Stock Show last week for the first time.  Neither Matt nor I had been ourselves in a while so it was fun for us all! The kids liked seeing all of the animals and riding a few rides.  It was a fun family outing!
 I miss the days that Zade was obsessed with tractors.  Now it's motorcycles and monster trucks, He still thinks they're cool and still bugs the tar out of Papaw to ride it.

 The Borden Calf

Hmmm.....a Pig petting a pig.......
(Don't tell him I said that! But, you gotta admit that was funny!)
We didn't spend much time in the poultry barns because I have a bird-phobia.....along with a cat and squirrel phobia!

Well, have a great Thursday, peeps! Until next time............

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Kind of January!

This kind of weather makes me happy! I could be perfectly content year round! Any weather that the kids can go outside and play is good weather!