Sunday, March 11, 2012

Take My Breath Away

Wow, 2012 is really sticking it to us so far! January Matt tore his ACL, February he had surgery on it  and is off of work for a while..... while recovering he and I both got sick.  He eventually got better and mine did not. Which brings us to March where I got hospitalized for asthma!  It's been no fun - at all! But we're hanging in there and trying our hardest to make the most of it.  I feel sorry for our kids- having 2 parents who are out of commission is no fun!
Hopefully, we can find our creative juices and have some fun during Spring Break!

Thanks to everyone who sent flowers, cards, food,prayers and visits during my hospital stay! I'm so thankful to have such thoughtful and caring people in my life! I was so terribly bored and lonely while I was up there but my friends kept me entertained with funny text messages and playing games via my iPhone! I was well taken care of.

Matt was a champ! He's my hero! He is still limping around from his knee surgery and still trying to recover but he did such a great job taking care of me and the kids.  He was a good Daddy and made sure Gracie got to school on time everyday with her lunch made, cute clothes on, and a cute hair do. I even got messages from teachers about how cute she looked! I'm so proud of him!

The kiddos did great, too! Matt said they went to bed for him with no problem and got up and got ready each morning with no problem! That made me proud.  My mother in law was also a huge help.  She took care of the kids when Matt was at the hospital with me. They don't skip a beat when they're with her.  I used to be a little offended when they accidentally called me Maw-Maw after being with her but now I just take it as a comfort and love knowing that when I'm not able to take care of my babies they've got the next best thing!

Well, that's my boring post for now. Maybe soon something exciting will happen and I can take some pics of it and post!

In the meantime - stay well, everybody!