Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey y'all! We have been really busy these days. Gracie is in full swing with her Speech and Occupational Therapy as well as school. We are really starting to see an improvement in her speech which is super exciting. There isn't much else interesting going on. Zade is still the same old boogar he's always been (he takes after his daddy) but is talking up a storm and won't stop! But I can't complain! (Even though I do! Ha!) We went to the Shriners Circus a few weeks ago with some friends. The kids had a blast! Zade was scared of the clowns at the beginning but by the time we left he gave one a high-five then bragged about it all the way home like he was soooo brave! Gracie and Beckett got to ride an elephant! They thought that was awesome! The show was really good!
I've also posted some other pics of some random stuff we've done the past month. We had Old-Fashion day at church. That was a lot of fun! Gracie sang in the children's choir for the first time last week. She stood there and smiled the whole time. Thank goodness that's all she did. My worst fear is that she'll do something embarrassing like flash the whole church!
Matt and I celebrated our 11th anniversary a few weeks ago. We didn't do anything too spectacular. The kids went to my sister's so we went to dinner and a movie. You can tell we're getting old because that's a big deal to us now!
Tonight we're taking the kids to the church Trunk or Treat so I will post pics of that soon. And Gracie turns 5 soon. We're planning on having her party early since her birthday lands on Thanksgiving day this year.
Well, I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween and I'll blog ya later!