Monday, March 29, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

In the tractor we made for Zade for Drive-In movie at preschool!

Gracie lookin' distinguished in some fashionable glasses!

Serious gamin' at Putt-Putt!

See?! All snuggled up in Mama's bed!

Don't judge me! This pic is just too cute to not post! It's just his hiney, so get over it!
(This was while we were camping. He had to pee!)

My boy made longhorns with his suction ammo!

Then he put it in his nose!

about my kiddos!

It's been a rough week in the 'hood this week - the Mommyhood, that is. Gracie is going through a phase she goes through ever so often where she likes to battle it out about EVERYTHING she is asked to do. It has spilled over into school as well. So it's been a little tough finding joy in being the Mommy here lately but I have some awesome friends that are always willing to listen to me and make me gigle ALOT, and about the most inappropriate things, too. (You know who you are!) But I thought since I've had a hard time finding joy in life I thought I'd make a list of all the things I love about my kids. So be prepared to be completely annoyed by this mom bragging on her rotten kids!

1. I love it when my kids get excited when I tell them I'm going to church as if I just said we're going to Chuck E Cheese!

2. I love it that Zade knows no stranger. That boy will talk to anyone - and that's a big deal for me because my life motto has always been "Stranger - Danger"! Ask my sister!

3. I love it that my kids like to play outside. In fact, they usually aren't happy when they are indoors.

4. I loved it when I gave Gracie some cake after eating her dinner and her response was "Yum! Rock 'n Roll!"

5. I love letting the kids say the prayer for dinner and listening to all the random things they pray for like that "Papaw and Grandad will fix the tractor" or Gracie's "Thank you my God. Amen!" So sweet!

6. I love spending time with Gracie (when her body hasn't been taken over by some grumpy, stubborn monster) at night alone. She's a snuggler and will let me watch whatever I want to watch and is perfectly content as long as I keep on snuggling.

7. I love love love how well Gracie is speaking lately!

8. I love scaring Zade with the vacuum cleaner! (I'm giggling just thinking about it)

9. I love it that the kids like to watch old cartoons like Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, or The Flinstones.

10. I love that my kids love me even when I'm not the nicest mommy I can be.

Aren't I lucky? Thanks for listening. That was good therapy for this Mama!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A bunch of Happy Campers!!!

We took a trip to Ft. Richardson again with some fabulous friends this Spring Break! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! The kids all got a long great and everyone had a wonderful time! We left on Wednesday and stayed until Friday night. It was so nice to get a way and just relax. My kids are so happy when we're out camping and so are Mama and Daddy! It was great to get to know the Munsons and Baldwins even better. I can't wait until our next trip. Here are the pics!