Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four Days Late

I'm lying (laying?) here in bed with a heavy heart and got to thinking about something so I thought I would share with whoever (whomever?) still reads my boring blog. A few years ago, (about 7) my sister and I shared a secret. It was a fun secret, too. My crazy sister was pregnant for the 3rd time. It was so exciting to be in on the ground floor of this secret. I had the privilege of going to the drug store to buy the pregnancy test and be there when it confirmed what we already knew. It was just a few weeks until Christmas so she decided to keep this a secret so she could surprise everyone at Christmas. We had so much fun plotting ways to break the exciting news to everyone, my brother -in - law included. However, only a few days later she miscarried. I could not for the life of me figure out why God was doing this to her. My heart hurt so much for her. I just couldn't figure this out. Finally, I read a story in the Bible about Lazarus. Lazarus was dying and his sisters, Mary and Martha, sent for Jesus, who was not just their friend, he was also a miracle maker. These ladies knew Jesus could heal their brother. So they sent for him but he waited 2 days before coming. By the time he arrived to Bethany where they were, Lazarus had already died. When Martha saw Jesus she ran to him she sort of questioned Jesus' judgment for not coming soon enough but quickly digressed by saying she knew God would do whatever Jesus asked of Him. Mary on the other hand, fell to his feet saying "Lord, if thou hadst been there, my brother had not died." Now these ladies had a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. Both of them knew that Jesus could've prevented their brother's death and miraculously healed him. But, their faith was still limited. Jesus did something even better than preventing a death, He raised this man from the dead! By doing this He showed just how powerful He really is. Not long after studying this story I heard this song. I have no idea who sings/sang it but it's called 4 days late. The song was written about they very story I just mentioned. It was about Mary and Martha telling Jesus He was too late to perform a miracle for their brother. But Jesus showed them that that wasn't the case at all. The chorus of the song says, " When He's four days late, He's still on time." This story just proves that God is always on time in our lives. Even when we think he's late. Things in life don't work out like we think they should because God has something way more awesome than the measely thing we asked for. We don't see the big picture like he does. This realization was such a comfort to me while my sister was going through her miscarriage. A month later, my sister became pregnant again, and gave birth without complications. I know my sister has 4 kids - one just happens to be living his or her life in the heaven with our Father. I can't wait to meet them one day. I never knew what a comfort this passage of God's Word would be to me until I had Gracie. There's so many stumbling blocks that we've come to concerning her. And we've always prayed for certain things specifically. For instance, why doesn't God just give her the ability to speak clearly. God is so powerful - why wouldn't He just do it? It should be an easy request to fill, right? But - maybe that's not the way it's supposed to be. Maybe God wants to do something even more amazing in her life. Maybe He wants to use my Baby Girl to show all of us how wonderful and might He is. And I know He will! There's a kids song I have on CD and I tear up everytime it comes says " Our God is a great big God and He holds us in His hand. How wonderful to be a part of God's amazing plan"
Well, I said all of that to say this to my sweet friend who is mourning and hurting tonight. God's still on time! He won't give up on you!

Monday, January 4, 2010

10 is in!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful CHRISTmas season. I know I did and am a little sad it's all over now. Today is the first Monday of the New Year and I've been sitting here trying to get my thoughts together enough to figure out what I need to do this morning. It's a little weird today because for the past 3 years I've gotten up to take Gracie to school for her morning class but beginning today she starts the afternoon class. So, I'm a little off my game.
Since it is the New Year and it's customary to make New Years resolutions I thought I'd publicly share some of my goals for the year and maybe whoever (if anyone) reads this can hold me to them throught the year.
1. My first goal for the year is to do more for the Lord. I know people say stuff like that all the time but I'm very sincere about this. For the past couple of years, sadly, I've lived my life to please either myself or others and not really put my Lord first. Well, I'm tired of living my life like that. God has done so much for me I owe Him nothing less than to give Him my all. I'm looking forward to seeing what He has for me to do.
2. Second, my goal is to do more for my church. My church needs me and I realize that more than ever now. People look for a church based on what it can do for them or for a church that has people their age, or for a church that has a lot of "fun" activities - a church that makes them feel good. It's all about them..... but what do they bring to the table? God has burdened me for my church and I know He wants me to get off my rear and do more for my church. I love my church so much. I plan to support it in as much as I possibly can and I hope others join me in this. Our pastors and staff work their tails off and it is time we show our support in a major way and allow God to Bless us.
3. I plan to socialize more this year. I've been so bad about staying home in my little comfort zone and not doing things with my friends. But no more! I want to spend more time with my church friends, have girls nights, game nights with my family out in the sticks and play dates for the kids. Friends are so important to our lives and I want to savor it!
I'm so excited for the new year and what it will bring. So hears to 2010....may it be the best yet! Happy New Year!!!!

Zade acting like a puppy dog.....such a weirdo!

My crazy kids!

The sweetest girl in the world!

Her famous pose!

Mama's boy!