Friday, October 7, 2011

Soccer and Super Dad!

Zade started soccer a few weeks ago! He was so excited! He's been beggin me to play since he was 2 and we are finally letting him do it!  He woke up at 6:30a that first Saturday morning, crammed his breakfast down, brushed his teeth, made his bed, and got completely dressed - 2 hours before we had to be there! It was cute!

The kids got to come up with their own team name.  They decided on The Big Brown Dogs! I have no idea where that came from! Ha!

It's so funny to see all the different personalities when it comes to sports at this age.  There were a few shy ones who didn't want to leave their parents, a few kids who lost interest and wandered over to find a snack - and then there's Zade....

He's taking this pretty serious! He told me the night before, "Mom, I'm not gonna let the bad team get the ball!" 

GOAL!!!!!  He made the only goal that day! He was so proud of himself! He was fist pumping and everything! It was so cute! "Did you see that, Dad? It was awesome!"

Every week someone wins a medal for displaying the character trait of the week. Zade one this time for listening! He was so proud of it.  Now he's obsessed with soccer - the ball has moved into the house and there are many make-shift goals in the living room. 

The other exciting thing that's been going on at the Darter house is Matt's birthday.  He turned 34 on the 2nd.  Zade wanted to make it a Superman birthday party so we went to town with the idea.  We had to  make our own birthday decorations because no one sells Superman party supplies anymore.  But we had fun doing it! We turned it into a SuperDad theme because we found tons of things on different blogs/pinterest. Zade and I made a banner for him that said "Super Dad" and we printed the Superman logo to glue on his gift bags.  We also printed some coloring pages of Superman that the kids colored, then we cut pictures of Matt's face out and glued them on top of Superman's face! We also found these cute tags in the picture below that we used to embellish his birthday banner and to add to scewers and stuck them in his homemade cinnamon rolls.

So when we woke him up for breakfast, we all had on Superman pjs, or t-shirts. I downloaded the Superman theme song and had it playing when he came in the kitchen.  The kids got him 2 movies he's been wanting - Superbad and Super Troopers - I do not recommend these movies, by the way. And I gave him Superman undies (hee hee!) and a nice new shirt. 

He seemed surprised and seemed to like it! The kids had fun making his day special for him.  The hardest part was keeping their little mouths shut for a whole week! Whew! But we made it! I'm glad Zade chose Superman because that truly is what he thinks of his dad! He thinks his dad hung the moon and I hope he always feels that way.  I know I do! Matt really is a great dad and a great husband. He'd give me the world if I asked for it .  The kids and I are really blessed to have this man in our lives.  I hope he knows how much we adore him!

Well, that's all for now - next post I'll probably have some pics of Matt's Police rodeo this weekend. I also have a great story I want to share!  Y'all have a great weekend and Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!!