Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just another day in paradise.....

We went to a Wild West Show in the Stockyards for Labor Day
Zade, of course, was scared of them!

Then we watched them herd the cattle! That was fun !

Gracie at her dentist appointment! She did so good this time compared to the last few times!

And this is what we're doing today! He's so handsome when he cleans!

Batman having an afternoon snack of chocolate pudding! Yum!

Kindergarten is a lot of work and deserves a yummy treat!

Staying home with mommy has its privileges!
Well, life has certainly been interesting the last few weeks. Week 2 of Kindergarten didn't go so well. I think my baby girl was still feeling a little lost in her new atmosphere and wasn't taking to it too well and so ensued a few melt downs at school. She also began acting out in other ways that I could never divulge to anyone, just for the simple fact that Gracie deserves a little privacy. But with Matt now being him most evenings, we were together able to hone in on the situation and get it under control as well as her behavior at school. So now, things seem to be going a little better.
However, in addition to all of this she's shown a different side to herself. Last week, she got a toy stuck in her nose and we had to go to the Urgent Care to have it removed. It was a tiny Tinker Bell shoe that she had put in there. Why? Who knows!! It's Gracie, she insist on keeping life interesting.
Then this week she got to use the scissors. I've always been able to trust her with them. But - not anymore! She took a little chunk out of her hair as well as giving her doll a little hair cut, too. It isn't near as bad as it could have been so I was feeling pretty lucky about that.
Now this one takes the cake - We were at a church softball game and the Hurst Athletic Complex where apparently people can bring in beers and just leave them sitting on the tables right by the playground!!!! So we think Curious Gracie took a sip of one! My neice saw her with it to her mouth but didn't see if she drank it or not. Hopefully, she didn't but that was a disaster!!!! I'm able to laugh about it now but at the time I was upset.
So that's all the interesting things going on with Gracie Mae. Everything else is going pretty good. I am taking Intro to Psychology (boring and stupid) and English Comp II which is interesting but both classes are really time consuming. And so are my kids so, there ya go! Time consumed!
I'm enjoying preschool this year. Courtney and I have a great class this year and are having a lot of fun with them!
Kids Club is off to a great start this year too!
Matt is now a Motor Officer which he has really wanted for a long time. It isn't official until the beginning of next year since he has to wait for a guy to retire. We are praying really hard that the Captain will change his mind about this so that Matt can be home every night to help with the kids (Gracie) more. In the mean time, he is on days Mondays and Tuesdays which is great! It will be nice when his shift will be Monday through Friday and on days - like all the other regular people out there!
Not much to report on Zade! He's a good boy and hangs out with Mama all day when he's not at school or Mamaw's house.
Well, I have some chilli on the stove that I can't stand to smell any longer and am dying to eat!
Oh, pray for Gracie - she's having some dental work done on Monday - they will be putting her under in order to do this.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2010

And School has begun......FINALLY!!!!

Gracie outside of her Kindergarten class at Meet The Teacher night!

Breakfast as a Kindergartner! Ready for school!
Gracie had a great first day at Kindergarten! She came home and played "class" with Zade and her Barbies! She has since begun having a rough time, therefore, her and her teacher's need your prayers!

And Zade is quite as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings as Gracie!
Froot-Loops do help a little, though!

Now he's got his clothes on and feeling a bit sassy!

Ready to be a Lion!

All ready!