Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thank you and I'm sorry!

I just read a blog about the five words every parent wants to hear, Thank you and I'm sorry. I got to thinking about my mom. I bet she wants to hear those words, too. So this is a post to my sister to remind her to thank mom and apologize to her for all the trouble she put her through! My sister caused my mom so much trouble. She put my mom through holy terror. Mom, you deserve to hear those words from Crystal.
Haha! I'm just kidding.
But really, we were both kind of bratty. Maybe Crystal more than me but I did some contributing. :)
(This post started out being a sweet gesture to my mom but has turned out to be a dig at my sister!)

In all seriousness, I don't normally get to be with my mom on Mother's Day and so I thought this little post might be a way to make her feel special on Mother's Day. So here's my list of "Thank you and I'm sorry".

Thank you and I'm sorry for making you feel guilty for not "understanding what it's like to be the little sister". I mean, you didn't but you tried to and I might have been being a tad dramatic.

Thank you and I'm sorry for all the refereeing you had to do between me and Crystal. I understand now what a pain in the rear that is. (For the record, she started it)

Thank you and I'm sorry for refusing to eat the red beans and cornbread you planned and cooked. I still don't like them but I realize now how difficult that is to stretch pennies and plan what you think is a good meal only to be told it's nasty.

Thank you and I'm sorry for always squirming and fussing when you did my hair and then that time I cried wolf one too many times and threw up and fainted on you after you had to spank me for squirming and fussing. As Gracie would say, "Sorry 'bout that!"

Thank you and I'm sorry for being such a sarcastic teenager. Or as you called me a "smart Alec" and sometimes not so nice words. But Mom, look how hilarious I am now. You don't get that way being a sweet little girl. But sorry anyways.

Thank you and I'm sorry for all of the car accidents, speeding tickets, car repair headaches, insurance hikes and I'm sure high blood pressure. I don't know what was wrong with me. But I'm a better driver now. I just don't turn left unprotected.

I'm sure this list could go on and on and on. And Crystal's list-wow- it would go on for miles! Lol!

Mom, Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your day tomorrow knowing you raised some pretty awesome girls who are now completely nutty moms themselves.

Your favorite daughter :)