Monday, July 16, 2012

The boy turned 5!

Well, my baby turned 5 yesterday! It is crazy how fast this kid has grown. I vaguely remember him being a baby. Since he was born (a month early) he's been growing and developing so fast that I feel like I hardly got a chance to hold him! He's such an independent little kid. He refuses to be a Mama's Boy despite my best efforts. That's why I call him my Sweet Baby Muffin! He hates that. He's all boy and a big Daddy's boy!
He had a good birthday! We spent it at church and VBS. We ate dinner at MExican Inn and had apple pie and ice cream afterwards. He got a motorcriss helmet, gloves, and jersey,BB gun, water gun, Longhorn PJs, clothes, and money! (spoiled!) He thinks he's hot stuff!

Friday, July 13, 2012

4th and Vacation!

We are on our way back from our awesome vacation! We left last Saturday morning at 5:30a and made it to Port Aransas in a mere 10 hours!!! Lol! We had a blowout in San Antonio and had to stop to get that all taken care of so it took us a little longer than anticipated.
But the kids did great on the trip down thanks to the handy DVD player!
Once we got to Port A, we had a ball! It was such a nice relaxing trip where we just took it easy and swam our hearts out! We had a little bit of rain while we were still sleeping and some cover our last few days. But we still got plenty of sun!
We even came home with a new family member. Matt caught a crab for the kids! We bought him a little cage and bottled up some sea water. We named him Captain Crabby! We'll see how long he lasts. :)
All in all it was a great vacation! It was nice chilling out with my sister, bro in law and niece and nephews. Zade' and Gracie had so much fun being with them all too! Every night all the kids put themselves to bed. Now that's some tired kids!
So here are some pictures of our trip and some from 4th of July at my folks!