Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry White CHRISTmas!

We had such a wonderful CHRISTmas this year! We did all of our family traditions such as making applesauce ornaments and baking cookies for Santa. This year we added 2 new traditions. We started the Elf on the Shelf which Zade named Taurus. Why, you ask? I have NO IDEA! We also did our interactive Nativity and the kids really loved doing that. It was a great way for us to teach them why we celebrate CHRISTmas! This CHRISTmas was probably the funnest ones since becoming a mom. Gracie really got into the whole Santa thing and Zade is beginning to understand it. We threw out some reindeer food for Santa's reindeer and put out our cookies and a Diet Coke for Santa. The next morning the kids were amazed that he drank all of the Diet Coke and ate all but half of a cookie. It was so much fun to see them try to fathom all of it! And bonus - we got a white CHRISTmas this year! How exciting was that!?!? I have to admit, though, at first it wasn't that exciting. We were at my parents' house in Godley when the Blizzard started blowing in and had to quickly leave. We left their house at 4:30p and didn't get home until 7:15p. It was the longest and most tense ride home ever. But nonetheless the Lord got us and the rest of my family home safely.
Well, enjoy my many pictures of all of our CHRISTmas activities! I hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTmas as we did! Happy New Year!