Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hens and shoulders, knees and throat!

 Gracie Mae played a hen in the First Grade School Play this past month! It was a really cute program called "Too Much Noise!" All the kids did a great job! Gracie is in the orange "hen" section on the 2nd row from the bottom right in the middle! It was cute to watch her little friends remind her when it was time to do the different little moves they were supposed to do! When it was time for the hens to come to the front of the stage we were all waving at her and she yelled "Stop, Dad!" He's already embarassing her! That's just greatness!

 Isn't the the cutest hen you ever saw!?!? 
I sure do think so!


 This is the awesome mum that my sister, neice, and I made for Tyson's girlfriend for homecoming at his school! I'm sure it was the best one there! I told him she should be super excited to wear it! Like, I wanted her to weep with joy when he gave it to her - but - that's not the kinda gal she is.  But she did love it!


 My dear, darling, handsome husband messed up his only good knee playing basketball at church.  He tore his ACL and had to have surgery to reconstruct it.  This is a handsome photo of him just before surgery. Isn't he a doll!? (back off ladies! He's mine!)
So this is the 2nd time he's done this. He tore the opposite leg when he was just a young buck and surgeries weren't as high-tech as they are now! The surgery went good and he's recovering a lot more quickly than he thought he would. 
For the record, I knew he would but I "had no idea what I was talking about".  So, who was right? Just sayin'.
 This lovely photo is just after I got him home from the hospital.  Doesn't he look chipper!

There's no pics but we've all been fighting a soar throat. So on top of being cooped up in the house together we get to do it all sick and grumpy.  I bet you get that after reading this and the hint of sarcasm that's lining my tone today.  Oh well! It's me - deal!


This is my cute nephew Tyson Brown playing basketball! Isn't he a doll!